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FullSizeRender 6 Aromatherapy seems to be the most popular use of essential oils between the three modes:  aromatically, topically, and internally . Today it is raining, cold & dreary- a perfect back-drop for curling up and reading a good book. To set the scene I have made a fire in the fireplace and I am diffusing; Rosemary, Basil & Peppermint for clarity. I just received the latest book by Jen O’Sullivan and am learning a lot of good stuff about how the French use essential oils. The ambiance lends itself well for reading and/or napping. I probably better grab a cup of coffe.

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Aromatherapy is a very effective way to set the mood of your home. We have two Chihuahuas and my daily goal is to make sure my guests do not smell them when they enter my front door. I love it when someone enters the house and takes a whiff and…

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Hand Me The Oils! 😷


When our babies get sick all we can think of is helping them feel better. This past weekend we were out of town and staying in a hotel. We had been busy all day visiting family and enjoying the beautiful weather. As it got late we gathered our 3-grandchildren to head back to the hotel to swim, shower and get to bed. Our two year old granddaughter was not feeling well and began running a fever and developed a cough. By the time we reached the hotel she was pretty hot so I got her cooled down with a cool wash cloth and water and put her to bed. She went right to sleep. I have learned over the years after raising  four children and now raising three grandchildren to sleep while I can.

Just after I drifted off to sleep I heard Kinsley crying and barking/coughing. She climbed out of bed and ran to our bed. I tried to calm her and get her settled into our bed for the night but after she started coughing so bad that she seemed to have difficulty catching her breath I became concerned. The only thing I had to help her were my little collection of essential oils in my purse. The Emergency Room was one options but first I grabbed my pouch of essential oils that I take with me everywhere. I then remembered I had even more oils in my gym bag kit so I grabbed them also.  All together I had 30-5ml bottles of EO to work with. I gathered them up and systematically categorized them and began applying them on her. I chose Valor to rub(neat) on her feet first. Valor is a combination of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense and olive oil. Kinsley seemed to be enjoying the feet massage but was clearly still miserable. I wanted to calm her down and Lavender alway calms me so I rubbed it on her chest (neat) and down her spine.  RC always helps me when I need help breathing whether exercising/sick.  RC blend is made from a list of oils that aide our body in fighting respiratory problems:

  • Eucalyptus(E. globules)
  • Myrtle
  • Pine
  • Marjoram
  • Eucalyptus radiata
  • Eucalyptus citriodora
  • Lavender
  • Cypress
  • Tsuga
  • Peppermint

I rubbed RC (neat)on her chest and upper back and she stopped barking but was still coughing a lot and was still not calmed down to my satisfaction. I love Copaiba and have had really good results using it when I was ill so I rubbed some(neat) on her feet, spine and chest.  She loved that! My goal at this point was to help her relax enough to sleep so I rubbed Peace & Calming on her wrists and behind her ears .   And finally for good measure I wanted to use Palo Santo but I did not have a carrier oil to dilute it with and did not want to put it on her chest. I used my Reference Guide for Essential Oils phone app to see what the Vita Flex Feet Chart showed for Bronchial & Lung application. I rubbed the Palo Santo there on her feet(neat) with no problem.vita-flex-foot-chart-pic1

My oily little Granddaughter was smelling amazing with all the oils rubbed on her and began to relax to the point of sleep. She stopped coughing and was breathing just fine and finally went to sleep. My husband was pretty impressed how the oils worked so quickly and were very easy to apply and non-intrusive. Kinsley resists all oral medicine when she is sick.

We all slept well with the aroma coming from Kinsley. 😊 Kinsley woke the next morning fever-free, and her cough was so benign that it was a non-issue. She ran and played outside all day till we loaded up the car and headed home. That all happened yesterday and today she is still chipper and running up and down stairs and in/out without coughing.

I shared all of this to say it was such a good feeling to quickly & safely bring comfort and wellness to my 2-year old granddaughter when she was miserable. Within minutes of applying oils she smiling, telling me she loved me as she nodded off to sleep. Two years ago I would have been frustrated and afraid for her with the difficulty she was having. I would not have been able to sooth her and help her to stop coughing and/or to relax enough to sleep. We would have been up all night and calling the doctor the next morning. Essential oils are a really nice tool to have in your parenting toolbox for such a time as this.

*Neat is a term that means straight from the bottle without a carrier oil when applying.

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My on-the-go oils that are always in my purse or backpack!

Welcome To My Blog!

Life of an Oiler


This is my first blog! I never really felt passionate about anything enough to blog about it until I started using essential oils. I have used Young Living essential oils for two years now and I can honestly say they have changed my life. I feel compelled to share my experience with kindred souls that are in need of alternatives. I am also an Independent Distributor which means if you decide to join my team as a member of Young Living by signing up at Young Living I will receive a very small percentage of your order. That is it. I am just a YL messenger pointing you to their  superior product. Welcome to my soap box!

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I want to share this with anyone interested in a very basic description of:

  1. What essential oils are,
  2. How they work,
  3. Why we buy & Love them, and
  4. Why we can’t shut up about them. 😁

GREAT explanation by Royal Crown Diamond Vicki Opfer. Worth the read:

“The oils are not liquids. They are, basically, liquid vapors. Vapors are like gasses. That’s why we smell them – they are vaporizing.

They contain plant molecules. Just like being told that eating our veggies is good for us, if we can get this plant chemistry into our bodies, our body can figure out what to do with those molecules to “fix things.”

The oils are “lipid soluble.” What that means is that they pass through cell membranes which are made of “lipids” also called “fats.”

So if you can imagine applying oils to your chest, it’s easy for me to imagine those liquid vapors passing right through the skin, cells, etc., pretty much right away, perhaps even as we’re capping up the oil. I can almost imagine some of the molecules being picked up and used by the body, and the rest passing right through the body and out the head, back, feet, etc. That’s why they’re so safe. If we don’t use it, it’s gone. It’s not stored in fat or the liver like fatty oils. Essential oils are in a totally different chemical family than fatty oils like olive or canola.

Here’s where it get’s interesting… When you apply an oil, it immediately passes through the skin. Some gets used right there on the spot. That’s why, when you apply Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream to a painful area, it may stop hurting right away. Some gets picked up by the blood, which is then carried around the body, and to each of the cells.

According to Candace Pert, the scientist who discovered the first cell receptor site in the 70’s, every cell contains billions of receptor sites, and… drum roll here…. EVERY CELL CONTAINS RECEPTOR SITES FOR EVERY MOLECULE THE BODY USES. Profound…

Receptor sites are molecule specific. A receptor site that wants acetylcholine wants that one molecule. It waits. And waits. Molecules pass by in the blood, but it waits. Finally, one comes by that it can identify. The receptor site sends out a vibrating thread. If the molecule vibrates in a compatible way, the molecule is “docked” into the receptor site, and a message is sent to the brain saying, “Hey, we got some acetylcholine here!” That’s important because that’s the molecule our body uses to tense and relax muscles.

So let’s say you or I are working in the garden, and our shoulder is beginning to get really tired and tense. Why? We may be running short on acetylcholine. We go in and open a bottle of Roman Chamomile and rub some on. Ahhh… relief. Why? There’s a molecule in chamomile called 3-methyl-butyl-acetate (sounds awful but it’s natural) that is a TWIN of acetylcholine!!!! And our receptor sites ACCEPTED the 3-methyl-butyl-acetate in place of acetylcholine, sent a message to the brain, and our muscles RELAXED! Instantly! The body works SO FAST when it has exactly what it needs!!

OK, so that’s the primary way the oils work in our bodies. We get ’em on, and they do the work. Now multiply this by 40,000+ different molecules in essential oils and billions of receptor sites in our bodies, and let’s see what amazing things can happen when we use a lot of essential oils and oil-infused products!!!! ❤

It’s helpful, but absolutely not necessary, to understand what molecules do what and which oils they’re in. Frank Burns, who started Healthier Thymes way back when used to say, “How do the oils work? Very well, thank you!” The main thing is to understand a few basics – lavender helps us sleep, peppermint regulates body temp, etc. The longer we use them, the more we learn. Perfect.

Just like eating one piece of broccoli will not change much of our health and wellness, if we will just get these oils and other products into our bodies – as often as we can, our bodies will be able to pick and choose what they need for optimal wellness. Feel free to share.”


Happy Earth Day! 🌎

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Today is Earth Day and my Young living order arrived. Our family is committed to eliminating harsh chemicals in our home and life so this cleaning kit is an important step in that direction. Thieves® Household Cleaner contains no synthetic ingredients and is safe to use around family and pets. You might think by buying Earth-friendly products the quality might take a hit but not with this cleaner. I have a glass top stove that has always been a challenge to keep clean and make shine. Thieves made quick work of cleaning and shining it with just a spray-down and wipe-up with paper towel. Love it!

We have pets(2-Chihuahuas), a toddler (2 years old) and two kids(5 & 7 year olds) that make it their business to keep me busy cleaning up messes all over the house. I love spot cleaning around the kids and pets knowing that the cleaner will not be harmful if they are in the same vicinity. I use it to spot clean my sofa, the woods floors throughout the house, ceramic tiles, and walls. My husband uses it to clean our vehicles inside and out and leaves them smelling fresh and clean. You may want to grab a kit before they are all sold out! If you feel compelled to join our Young Living team Forrest City Oilers Click Here to register and purchase a starter kit.

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Water, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Sodium Methyl 2-Sulfolaurate, Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate, Thieves [Eugenia Caryophyllus† (Clove) Bud Oil, Citrus Limon† (Lemon) Peel Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum† (Cinnamon) Bark Oil, Eucalyptus Radiata† Leaf Oil, and Rosmarinus Officinalis† (Rosemary) Leaf Oil], and Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate.

†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

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My very green cleaning kit!
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What a bargain!

Let’s Begin Here 📌

Denise R. Goodge2When I initiated my journey with essential oils I began by ordering my first starter kit. This kit seriously rocked my/our world and gradually replaced every thing in our medicine cabinet.

The Deluxe Kit comes with:

  • Choice of Diffuser – Home diffuser is pictured above(DewDrop, Rainstone or Aria)
  • 5 ml bottles of:
    • Lavender,
    • Lemon Vitality,*
    • Peppermint Vitality,*
    • Frankincense,
    • Copaiba Vitality,*
    • Thieves Vitality,*
    • Purification,
    • DiGize Vitality,*
    • R.C.,
    • Panaway,
    • Stress Away,
  • AromaGlide
  • 10 Sample Packets, Cards & Bottles
  • 2-NingXia Red 2oz Samples
  • Young Living Product Guide
  • Essential Oil information 

* Labeled for Oral consumption

After I received my kit I downloaded a very helpful app for my phone that helped(helps) me find the correct oil for a specific issue. Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon became my go-to oils for most everyday issues. I immediately put them in my purse because they were so handy for things like the kids scraped knees, bug bites, burns, bruises, rashes (Lavender for all three), Stomach issues, bad breath quick-fix (Peppermint), and to make plain water palatable (Lemon).

As I read the product guide I began to find uses for the other oils. I began to use Digize pretty often to calm down my stomach, and help diffuse nausea. Digize contains Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise and Patchouli. I add a few drops to a glass of water and it does not taste too bad. I also use Digize with Lemon or Peppermint in water or hot tea as a stool softener.

I love to diffuse Purification and Thieves together to freshen the air in our home. I sometimes add Lemon or Frankincense for an even sweeter smell. I diffuse Lavender and Stress Away at bedtime to ease my nerves and help me(and our kids) to relax and go to sleep.

Panaway was as valuable as gold to me after I had surgery for a torn meniscus. I had to reorder it right away because I rubbed it on my knee day and night to help me deal with the pain. I refused to use prescription pain meds and got through the pain just fine. This past month I have gone through a whole bottle on strained/pulled muscles from carrying my overly full backpack.

R.C. is very helpful during allergy season(like now) and helps aid my body when I have a breathing issues and/or sinus drainage. I use it with Lavender and Lemon in my diffuser and I also rub it on my chest for an event-free sleep. Copaiba is known to amplify the effects of other oils so I often use it in conjunction with R.C. and Lavender if I am having an extremely hard time relaxing, breathing and going to sleep.

I have since learned a considerable amount of information on essential oils and have integrated them into our daily life. Yes we still go to our family doctors and dentists but in the meantime we use oils as an integral tool to maintain optimum health without chemicals and/or drugs on a daily basis. I get so excited when my monthly order comes now! I have branched out to many different Young Living products and supplements!

Above is my my order for this month. I have quite a collection because I make my own cleaners, salves and bug sprays now.  In the photo on the right are the freebies I received with this months order. I love the glass spray bottle and Thieves multi surface cleaner! When I signed up with Young living 2-years ago I joined the Essential Rewards program also. With the ER program we set up an order each month and with that accumulate points that eventually go towards free products. We also receive free products with each order that accumulate in number based on how much we purchase. It is a win win deal!

Please click here and read this disclaimer!

How to Order a Starter Kit and Start living an oily life (aka the abundant life)!

  1. Go to Young Living’s site using the link at the bottom of this list.
  2. Click on “Become a Member”
  3. The link below already has my sponsor/enroller number (#2887493)filled in on the site
  4. On screen #2 pick out your kit (the one I feature above is the Deluxe Kit -w- diffuser)
  5. On screen #3 fill out your mailing information
  6. On screen #4 fill out your payment information
  7. That’s it!

If you are ready to join click here to go to Young Living’s site! I will get an email letting me know that you have joined and are now a part of team Forrest City Oilers and I’ll send you a welcome letter.

Is There An Oil For This?

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This has been a very hard week for me as I battle my seasonal allergies. The hardest part for me is the blocked airways especially at night. I was pretty sleep-deprived and desperate when I text a friend and shared my frustration. She quickly recommended I try Lavender, Lemon and German Chamomile since they are three of the five best essential oils that help our body deal with allergies.

  • Lavender essential oil is so versatile and even helps our body handle skin and respiratory allergies. I always have a 5ml bottle in my purse/backpack for the grandkid’s “owwies.”
  • Lemon essential oil is also very versatile and another oil I keep in my purse. This oil has excellent cleansing and disinfecting properties. In the case of my allergies the Lemon in conjunction with the Lavender increases circulation and cleanses the sinuses and clears the respiratory tract. I felt the immediate relief in these areas and even the congestion I was experiencing.
  • Roman Chamomile while being a mild essential oil is very useful in calming nerves and reducing swelling. Swelling in my nasal passages is the reason I was so sleep-deprived. I slept like a baby after swallowing two of the capsules I made.

It has been 14-hours since I took the two capsules and I am breathing with ease and feel 100% better than I have all week.

FullSizeRender 11


1 – ounce pure organic olive oil

10 – drops Young Living Lavender EO

6 – drops Young Living Roman Chamomile EO

10 – drops Young Living Lemon EO

Fill a small bottle/container with the olive oil. Count the drops as you add one-by-one the essential oils listed above. I used a glass bottle and shook the bottle to mix the oils before filling the capsules half full and sealing them. I only took two capsules and went to bed.

Please read this disclaimer